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RANCOROUS have put together a little something to spill some of new talent all over the dance floor! This amazing compilation was out together to introduce alot of new faces to the label, and some already reigning kings! This release will explore every part of the label to its fullest hardcore kicking, to pure dub rinse outs, with plenty of breaks seared and infused throughout The opening track to get everything started is a most fascinating choon from HELLBOY, introducing the entire album a very spectacular way with intense drums and ambient fills and progressing building feelings! DISTILL kick starts the place with some new Dub tearout style, with some amazing blast beats going on in the end there to up it that one more level! Brilliant! KAIZOKU takes the stage with a sick rendition of TOTENKOPF the german mastermind into some epic strings and doom, very well done job and much inspired!

ATIQ is the next track up from rotterdam, spitting out some really nice and mellow dubstep with female vocalist, mixes very well into the next side swipper, PZG & DUBSKINT blasting some serious dubstep LFO CARNAGE! To Keep Pace some dark step by ZARAZ, a stoned blazin way through the red light streets at 2am! EBOLA slaying the floor with some ultamite sounds, Secure that shit HUDSON!! RUBBER MUFFIN send us off into a dream world dubstep, gone seriously wrong, with some of the most innovative dub sounds and interesting take on the concept of commercial music with a Dash of Prostitute. The next track from a Dutch artist ENK, taking us deeper down the rabbit hole with some seriously melodic and beat oriented flow. DEFORMER, the king of holland now apparently right here with us here in NYC, this goon has given us some really amazing tunage, just as expected after his last rinse in with BAR][CORE NYC in Brooklyn!

Disc Two starts off with a brand new riddim from VRS, two masterminds JUNGLEFEVER & ROB RAIDER, partners in crime give us a bone chilling jungle effort, right out the start this harder second disc! BABYSHAKER next on the list here with a jungle blow out and reaktor madness! Right into RAXYOR tearing out some snare's and serious bass grumble! CHARLY LINCH hits the dance floor with a nice melodic number with female vocals and some intense drumming skills from this sniper! LAF-O Kicks starts some GRAINS and DIRT into the scene here with a nice and gritty choon! Slowly paceing forware FISHMAN vs SLUG NEMESIS, which consists of 3 main performers, one of them being the madman himself, John Hislop aka CULPRATE, this madman impress everyone at the swedish music festival, and caught of the eye of RANCOROUS RECORDS. Next on the battle list is SCHEME BOY trolling it like usual with the dirtist sounds and drum machine action you can stand! MONSTER X gets right in there with some all out HARDCORE rinse for the gabber sluts! Which is perfect segway into KRUMBLE THE DISCO BREAKER's dancehall, smash hit with 489 kick drums before death by an breakbeat axe wound!

Banging in from BELGIUM, S.I.M. ON KOR FUNKLE has been on the scene for as long as it comes, this track is lost among the sea somewhere a ahark ate his laptop, its the only track remaining from his pre historic period! HOMEBOY slices and dices in with some tearout DNB which is just compelling and intuiative all on its own! MECHAKUCKA almost last on deck gives us some NOIZE and GRAIN-CORE to mess the shit right up into DIGIT216's SPLATTER DRILLSPEEDCORE DISASTER!

Artwork By; DZNGBIO


This Compilation is available 2CD or Digital Purchase!!

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# Artist Track Length Preview Price MP3
1. HELLBOY [UK] Blood Omen4:07 $1.29
2. EBOLA [UK] Grind That3:54 $1.29
3. KAIZOKU [NL] Je Moet Dansen Bitch6:21 $1.29
4. DISTILL [UK] Carrier4:17 $1.29
5. EYESOAR [USA] Indeciszor5:11 $1.29
6. PZG [PL] Ravers Poop (mixed by DUB SKNIT [PL])4:52 $1.29
7. RUBBER MUFFIN [CAN] Blippers4:22 $1.29
8. BAXTA STOCKMAN [USA] One Cannot Shake Hand With Clenched Fist3:22 $1.29
9. ENK [NL] The Tale Of Gilgamesh3:53 $1.29
10. ATIQ [NL] Let It Go4:34 $1.29
11. LAFO [CAN] Forgotten Clockwork (mixed by JUNGLEFEVER [NL])5:19 $1.29
12. DEFORMER [NL] Syko5:38 $1.29
13. DURAN DURAN DURAN [DE] Spirit of Bob4:45 $1.29
14. KOOLMORF WIDESEN [ITA] CxStep7074:35 $1.29
15. BABYSHAKER [UK] Routine Samaples5:50 $1.29
16. VRS [NL] The Curse (mixed by CULPRATE [UK])8:38 $1.29
17. CHARLY LINCH [NL] Cannon Therapy3:23 $1.29
18. FISHMAN vs SLUG NEMESIS Dark Matter5:09 $1.29
19. DR. BASTARDO [UK] Pyhrric Victory6:42 $1.29
20. RAXYOR [USA] Into The Fire5:16 $1.29
21. ELECTRIC KETTLE [DE] Interlog3:43 $1.29
22. MONSTER X [FR] She Loves Eating Toilet Paper4:54 $1.29
23. KRUMBLE [FR] Never Nervous4:52 $1.29
24. S.I.M. ON KOR FUNKLE [BE] Harz Gore (mixed by HOMEBOY [CH])5:23 $1.29
25. AK-INDUSTRY [CH] Fight Club3:19 $1.29
26. BASECK [USA] Unbalanced4:13 $1.29
27. MECHAKUCHA [BE] Deprogram2:57 $0.99
28. DIGIT216 [USA] Down For The Crown $0.99
Entire Album 129:29 $35.52  $15.99

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  • Compact Disc | $18.99
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