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Released When S.I.M. ON KOR FUNKLE and RAXYOR joined forces and went through europe for 4 monthes touring. This amazing release inspired alot out of the Breakcore world! Starting off this release from NORWAY, ARS DADA kicking it with some barbie girl remix death style, destroying the original and smashing some gabber and break metal over the top for a real rammer! RAXYOR up next smashing in with some classic as ever female terror vocals, preparing some sidious doom for everyone awaiting, an epic journey over 10 minutes in to some mega raving moments at the end! BABYSHAKER is up next with cleverly titled track "Simple' which when cranked high up there and blasted the complexity and mass melodies assaulting all your senses could cause brain hemerage;with serious build up into a massacre of methodical madness!

SIM ON KOR FUNKLE from BELGIUM strikes again, with this incredible destruction track of kicks and sonic terror one of my favourite tracks to date, destroying some old sampled horns! RAXYOR takes the stage again with some incredible ass fucking, and anal destruction, and is smashes itself through another pounding long gabber effort turned speedcore! From AUSTRIA, J. WIESSBROT lays upon us the holy bible of what could be written about the gabber scene! Smashing breakcore and hardcore together for ultamite psychodelic effects! Benefit of the Boomerang, now AKA KAIZOKU, places down a neatly and melodical number which will take your soul on a journey from up and down, with a brilliant dutch vocal lead, shattering the boundires of electronic music! MOCKSTAR comes in with the original 'track 8' smashing and crashing kick after kick as usual for his polish style!! From the Netherlands CHARLY LINCH, breaks out so to speak with some DNB and breakbeat chaos with some of the sickest produding skills with side chaining! Finishing off the disc is Breakcore Mashup Titan RAXYOR from USA which a theme song straight outta NEW YORK CITY FOLKS!

Artwork By; S.I.M.on BERZERK

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# Artist Track Length Preview Price MP3
1. ARS DADA [NO] Filthy Rapist Bastard 4:34 $0.89
2. RAXYOR [USA] Hemokebith 8:11 $0.89
3. BABYSHAKER [UK] Simple 6:24 $0.89
4. S.I.M. ON KOR FUNKLE [BE] Oberbayerrrrn 3:23 $0.89
5. RAXYOR [USA] A Capital Ass Plunging5:09 $0.89
6. JOHNNY WEISSBROT [AT] God Gave Us The Gabber Kick 4:44 $0.89
7. BENEFIT OF THE BOOMERANG [NL] Eikintjasna 2:58 $0.89
8. MOCKSTAR [PL] Track Eight 3:02 $0.89
9. CHARLY LINCH [NL] Neushoorn Van Noach 4:36 $0.89
10. RAXYOR [USA] Bobby's Brooklyn Dance 9:23 $0.89
11. VARIOUS ARTISTS Secret Track - Samples $0.89
Entire Album 52:24 $9.79  $7.99
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