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Amazing and serious compilation lineup of some heavyweights, some radical projects and side projects and some really intense audio carnage os 20 Tracks!!

Comming at you straight from brighton to enter the CD into the magical world of tetering on the brink of insanity, HELLBOY kicks in with a dramatic piece that flows with lots of rhythm and soul! EYESOAR from New York next kicks in with a more upbeat ambient IDM number written on his world tour through Europe. These two cats are no strangers to the dubstep world, DUB SKNIT & PZG roar in with a silly wobbly effort in response to the dubstep erruption! Next ZARAZ homeboy from new york slices in with as magical world of frozen bounty hunters and lazer beams, as you soar through a world of mystery. All the way from Rotterdam KAIZOKU works there way in with a brilliant lazy dub track with samples from the craziest movie out there! Another Dutch native JUNGLEFEVER crashes into the side with a bus full of riddims and splitters, a nice melody of ragga and core! RAXYOR the head honcho from New York bites into the side of your ear mike Tyson style with some equally hot ragga tracks with soem serious fiyah burnin down the dance floor! AUTOPSY PROTOCOL the man from Barcelona kicks in with some jungled out breakcore as the usual spanish style! Back across the ocean to New Jersey we have VOIDSTAR slammin down a 8-bit effort into the mix with some serious rave vibes! Neighbor SWEETPEAPOD in the big apple gives us a unique take on noizcore and mixes together a menage of sounds into a blender for some interesting results!

Continuing along with ARS DADA kickin in some rave bombs and rap hip hop Norwegian style as his track kicks off some crazy sounds and loops! Next all the way from South London, SCHEME BOY gives a very experimental and rare track to the mix of this compilation featuring some very trippy hippy vibes and experimental jams! The next track is a slammer! Few years ago when AUTOPSY PROTOCOL and RAXYOR did a versus track one loney few nights in the hot airs of Barcelona, this breakcore hardcore track was born into existance!! From Glasgow the mighty BABYSHAKER smashes in with some kick plsitting action hard enough to choke a few cows in a big field! The lady herself from Queens New York MERK gives us a short and hot tempered little splash of audio orgasm. A Remix in the works for a while from LAFO as we hear some relentless beats and bropken core from his usual weapons of mass creation. From New York City now living in Poland, madman AMOK has been slasying stages for over 20 years in the scene, giving us a hard tekno industrial effort straight outta some horror film! This unique band of creatures put together something extremely messy for us in the Punk and hardcore stylings of Atarti Teenage Riot almost, this singing and noize duo give quite a big punch. DIGIT216 the New York City king kicks down with some noize metal apocalypse for your bleeding ears! and Finally NARCOPSY gives us the most filthy, fried beats and kicks straight out of the washing machine tumble cycle.!

Artwork By; DIGIT216

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# Artist Track Length Preview Price
1. HELLBOY [UK] Everything You Forget Cries for Help In Your Dreams5:46
2. EYESOAR [USA] Two Weeks left (mixed by PZG [PL])5:33
3. DUB SKNIT [PL] Bounce5:12
4. BAXTA STOCKMAN [USA] Solid Frozen Solo3:11
5. KAIZOKU [NL] Drums Of Doom4:33
6. JUNGLEFEVER [NL] Chant Down3:45
7. RAXYOR [USA] Playing With Fiyah4:45
8. AUTOPSY PROTOCOL [ES] Poo Punanni5:04
9. VOIDSTAR [USA] Turn The Bit Around4:25
10. SWEETPEAPOD [USA] Sweet Selfish Headphone Serenade4:11
11. ARS DADA [NO] Apocalyptic Nerco Rave5:30
12. SCHEME BOY [UK] Nirvana Killed My Solo2:22
13. RAXYOR [USA] Time Of Your Life (mixed by AUTOPSY PROTOCOL [ES])4:17
14. BABYSHAKER [UK] Video Nasty (Chicks Do My Fucking Head In Mix)3:10
15. MERK [USA] Choke On This1:51
16. LAFO [CAN] Day And Night With A Murder Of Crows4:44
17. AMOK [PL] Cunt Of a Hunt2:17
18. THE FIRST SEED [CAN] Kaliedoscope Oblivion Ft Chick Gala2:22
19. DIGIT216 [USA] Killamity Insues2:33
20. NARCOPSY [ES] Rats Against The Washingmachine2:11
Entire Album 77:42
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