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The first SEED, so to speak.. the beginning! RANCOROUS was born when these amazing talented friends went off touring canada and usa for a few monthes, many friends were met, and many rigs were bashed from the likes of these mongoloids! Starting off the disc is a great talent from BELGIUM, FUNKLE rips through with noize and chopped kicks from the start! Destroying some sampled movies and other horrible sounds! Mixing in with a choon from RAXYOR of USA, with deep throaty chanting and speedbreaks, sliced and thriced for audio orgasm!

Next straight CANADA, LAFO packs quite a punch in the face with the attention to details and mashup madness! Next slashes through with one of the first audio tracks from this mad talent of TORONTO, crazy producer NWODTLEM, imagine taking a nuclear meltdown backwards, and mix in some video carnage to blow your senses to full extreme! Our Krieg Marschall Kor Funkle is back again with another hard hitting track, destroying the bass bins, and high end frequencies with kicks and automatic weapon core! Next from CANADA, THE FIRST SEED gives us a breakbeat effort of noizy elements and rhythmic vibes! EYESOAR from NEW YORK smashes in with some hip hop influenced breakbeat core, one of extrmeley un predictability!

The third smasher from KOR FUNKLE, sampling and anal rapping some bitch techno voices until his neighboors complained about the smell! SKEETER, the canadian godfather of electronic music is up next! Ripping in with some dubs done long ago, this guys bene reppin' the dark dub since day one! RAXYOR speeds in with some glitchcore gone totally wrong, mashing up ear drums worldwide, Inspired from our european tour and sampled as such, LAFO slings in with a smasher from our adventures through poland, and breakcore madness! The disc is finished off nicely with a short but meaty effort from BLACK MARKET, montreals bass bin and grime captain!

Artwork By; S.I.M.on BERZERK

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# Artist Track Length Preview Price MP3
1. S.I.M. ON KOR FUNKLE [BE] I Am A Dick2:56 $0.89
2. RAXYOR [USA] Ghelgeshylom 5:14 $0.89
3. LAFO [CAN] Just Another Mashup Shite 5:46 $0.89
4. NWODTLEM [CAN] Guacamole Sadism 3:42 $0.89
5. S.I.M. ON KOR FUNKLE [BE] The Earth Blew Up 4:54 $0.89
6. THE FIRST SEED [CAN] Road Rash 4:11 $0.89
7. EYESOAR [USA] Staplegun Necktie 5:25 $0.89
8. S.I.M. ON KOR FUNKLE [BE] Maniac Cunt 4:13 $0.89
9. SKEETER [CAN] 8Am On Voigt Strasse 4:25 $0.89
10. RAXYOR [USA] Buoyance 5:58 $0.89
11. LAFO [CAN] Vodka River 3:41 $0.89
12. BLACK MARKET [CAN] Acid Control 4:01 $0.89
Entire Album 54:26 $10.68  $8.99
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