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The Rancor Monster himself Jeffrey aka RAXYOR hatched a little EP from thie midst of 2007 somewhere, packed full of whirl winds and heavy breaks, with clearly a nostalgic offering of deep sound barrier breaking tracks.

The first one is like re entering the surface of the earth, sampling transformers, into a hard drum and bass breakbeat almost breakcore existance! Rave stabs and soft melodies and effects for all the senses! 'Kaeliedaszope' breaks in right off the first tip and smashes you to bits with some re sampled prodigy rave battle, with some searing, filtered reeces ready for battle.

Third up at the plate is a mega number from this juggernaught or ambient ethnic vocals and dooom, something straight outta indian jones, and someones about to loose thier soul! Breakbeats and splatter cutups for anyone desiring some breakcore carnage at its finest! 'Chahallalaloui' slows in very ambient, taking a break from the dilligant dose of doom and dirty basslines. Sampling Pitchblack, church choirs and alien whooshes to lighten the mood before some dirty 808 terror kicks in!!

The final effort from RAXYOR is called 'Red China' which rolls in like distant wind blowing through your mind, smashing thunder and brilliant melodies taunt and tease you into a far away land, juggling rattles and jingle breaks bring a magical world to life!