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Blasting your speakers with some pure ACTION going on here straight from all over the hood, Brooklyn, Manhatten and Queens! Local hero's are put on the spot for a collaborative compilation to explore the hard fucking sounds from these producers, as well as amazing producers spread thin around the world from Montreal, Bruxelles, Oslo + more

Flown all the way from scotland to start it off, we have BABYSHAKER, a legend in the UK and around Scotland, this mastermind of musical interpretation came to destroy NEW YORK for us all in a excursion through the east coast and canada! RAXYOR mastermind of the entire operation giving it to your short and sweet with some of the ahrdest style shit ever to come from this producer. Screeching in third LAF-O the most amazing remixed smash of sheer destruction, this smashing artist, painter, musican has been around banging on doors and causing hell! This next hell rasier DIGIT216 straight from queens centraal from new AMSTERDAM devistating the demons here in the city!