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Along with this new website layout, we offer you a brand NEW COMPILATION Release from RANCOROUS, showcasing the brand additions of mighty new talent to the rancorous family! This RANC006, entitled RANCOROUS;INSIZED will breathe new life into almost every genre, from Ambient worldwinds to Breakcore Fury! Hardcore Noize to melodical Dubstep!

Some tracks featured by DISTILL's bone shaking bass, and crackin' reaktor work, KRUMBLE slams in with the grimiest breakcore anthem for years to come. CHARLY LINCH, whom we haven't seen in a few years spanks us back with a tight break beat effort with some serious melodical work! HELLBOY slays the opening track with some serious industrial dubstep kicker! MONSTER X gives us a brutal meltdown of hardcore as to be expected from this french ghoul! Next on the sashimi platter we have DR. BASTARDO, a most unique and talented producer from Brighton, United Kingdom layin dowm some serious rythm spitting law! Along side Marooned American DURAN DURAN DURAN giving us a head smasher of a track ready to keel over in the rave dance floor! All the way from Rotterdam Holland KAIZOKU laying down some dubstep law making all the ass's shake world wide! From frozen lands in the far reaches of Canada, RUBBERMUFFIN gives a unique flavorful Oontz 'n Dud number, with some nice grity sound technique + many more tracks in 2 CD DIGIPAK, 1000 Copy format!!!