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Apologies continue, as it seems with the growing delays in production and mastering, There might be some smaller delays with the newest RANC006 from being released, along with the downloadable FREE release RANC002, along with the store being operational to purchase from! I promise it will all be worth the wait!

In the next few weeks i should be getting a clearer idea of the entire contributors for the newest release soon to drop RANC006, including confirmed artists as EBOLA, MONSTER X, BABYSHAKER, KOOLMORF WIDESEN, AK-INDUSTRY, PZG & DUBSKNIT, RUBBER MUFFIN, KAIZOKU, ATIQ, ENK, DISTILL, RAXYOR, KRUMBLE, LAF-O, DIGIT216, MECHAKUCHA, HELLBOY, ZARAZ, VRS ft. JUNGLEFEVER & ROB RAIDER, DEFORMER, CHARLY LINCH, BASECK, FISHMAN vs SLUG NEMESIS ft CULPRATE, S.I.M.on KOR FUNKLE.