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Brand new effort from RANCOROUS RECORDS features some stomping bass pounders, from break centraal from these floor erupting producers, such as EBOLA, king of brighton, slamming down for us with a unique remix along side SCHEMEBOY, BABYSHAKER, top dawg from france MONSTER X, and The Glitch King TECHDIFF!

starting off with a track from RAXYOR, Kicking in with some jungle break destruction, and some reece lines with serious attention to detail, slamming into a remix done from EBOLA which slay's ghost, and re awakens the dead with ground shaking dubs, and to finish the side a of the 12" is TECHDIFF, juggernaught from brighton, this guy remixes the fuck out of robonoid wrecks new york city for RAXYOR, and turns it right around upside down into a new world forming new shape and gravity.

The Second side starts with a taunting new lad from scotland, the BABYSHAKER allthough not known all to well, but slowly changing the medias view on full out breakage, live reaktor syntheziers and jungle mayhem! Into SCHEME BOYS's remix of Prolific Horror, some pounding synthezier work here with just enough dirty sound to send your grandma home thinking what the hell have i done to be such a bad person! And the ending and fitting monstrosity of a choon, MONSTER X chews down, swallows, digests, pisses out the track from RAXYOR into something, a new monster you could say with terror kicks and super hyper edited glitch at the right moments complimenting his MENTAL style as his per usual wild antics!