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Along with this new website layout, we offer you a brand NEW COMPILATION Release from RANCOROUS, showcasing the brand additions of mighty new talent to the rancorous family! This RANC006, entitled RANCOROUS;INSIZED will breathe new life into almost every genre, from Ambient worldwinds to Breakcore Fury! Hardcore Noize to melodical Dubstep!

Some tracks featured by DISTILL's bone shaking bass, and crackin' reaktor work, KRUMBLE slams in with the grimiest breakcore anthem for years to come. CHARLY LINCH, whom we haven't seen in a few years spanks us back with a tight break beat effort with some serious melodical work! HELLBOY slays the opening track with some serious industrial dubstep kicker! MONSTER X gives us a brutal meltdown of hardcore as to be expected from this french ghoul! Next on the sashimi platter we have DR. BASTARDO, a most unique and talented producer from Brighton, United Kingdom layin dowm some serious rythm spitting law! Along side Marooned American DURAN DURAN DURAN giving us a head smasher of a track ready to keel over in the rave dance floor! All the way from Rotterdam Holland KAIZOKU laying down some dubstep law making all the ass's shake world wide! From frozen lands in the far reaches of Canada, RUBBERMUFFIN gives a unique flavorful Oontz 'n Dud number, with some nice grity sound technique + many more tracks in 2 CD DIGIPAK, 1000 Copy format!!!


Rancorous is sad to leave Europe once again partying all around Berlin, Den Haag, Glasgow and Camber!!!!! But proud to be back on native soil to continue dominating the underground electronic music scene with both physical releases and digital!

RANC006 will be out at the end of the month, The brand new compilation DIGITAL release 25 tracks from the most ground breaking, hard hitting, spine destroying producers in this new millenium.

Sure to be another hard hitting wax in the mix, RANC007 should be out just shortly at the end of the year now featuring 6 brilliant artists; giving a hard new hitting dance floor killer for 500 copies of 12" vinyl.


Apologies continue, as it seems with the growing delays in production and mastering, There might be some smaller delays with the newest RANC006 from being released, along with the downloadable FREE release RANC002, along with the store being operational to purchase from! I promise it will all be worth the wait!

In the next few weeks i should be getting a clearer idea of the entire contributors for the newest release soon to drop RANC006, including confirmed artists as EBOLA, MONSTER X, BABYSHAKER, KOOLMORF WIDESEN, AK-INDUSTRY, PZG & DUBSKNIT, RUBBER MUFFIN, KAIZOKU, ATIQ, ENK, DISTILL, RAXYOR, KRUMBLE, LAF-O, DIGIT216, MECHAKUCHA, HELLBOY, ZARAZ, VRS ft. JUNGLEFEVER & ROB RAIDER, DEFORMER, CHARLY LINCH, BASECK, FISHMAN vs SLUG NEMESIS ft CULPRATE, S.I.M.on KOR FUNKLE.


Rancorous Records is a collective of highly respected, musical and inspirational mates from around the globe of some of the highest talent and reputations. Hand selected for thier ability to smash ear drums, and make dance floors burn! The concept behind Rancorous Records was to let loose the electronic demon inside the heart of each artist, no limits, or boundries, and most importantly no genre walls.

Since 2007 Rancorous Records has Released Various Artist Tour CD's and 12" VINYL at Limited Edition Quanitities, Featuring Tracks from Some of the most Menacing Bunch of Brutes this world has ever seen!


Brand new effort from RANCOROUS RECORDS features some stomping bass pounders, from break centraal from these floor erupting producers, such as EBOLA, king of brighton, slamming down for us with a unique remix along side SCHEMEBOY, BABYSHAKER, top dawg from france MONSTER X, and The Glitch King TECHDIFF!

starting off with a track from RAXYOR, Kicking in with some jungle break destruction, and some reece lines with serious attention to detail, slamming into a remix done from EBOLA which slay's ghost, and re awakens the dead with ground shaking dubs, and to finish the side a of the 12" is TECHDIFF, juggernaught from brighton, this guy remixes the fuck out of robonoid wrecks new york city for RAXYOR, and turns it right around upside down into a new world forming new shape and gravity.

The Second side starts with a taunting new lad from scotland, the BABYSHAKER allthough not known all to well, but slowly changing the medias view on full out breakage, live reaktor syntheziers and jungle mayhem! Into SCHEME BOYS's remix of Prolific Horror, some pounding synthezier work here with just enough dirty sound to send your grandma home thinking what the hell have i done to be such a bad person! And the ending and fitting monstrosity of a choon, MONSTER X chews down, swallows, digests, pisses out the track from RAXYOR into something, a new monster you could say with terror kicks and super hyper edited glitch at the right moments complimenting his MENTAL style as his per usual wild antics!


Brand new From The Kicking streets. Released When S.I.M. ON KOR FUNKLE and RAXYOR joined forces and went through europe for 4 monthes touring. This amazing release inspired alot out of the Breakcore world! Starting off this release from Norway, ARS DADA kicking it with some barbie girl remix death style, destroying the original and smashing some gabber and break metal over the top for a real rammer! RAXYOR up next smashing in with some classic as ever female terror vocals, preparing some sidious doom for everyone awaiting, an epic journey over 10 minutes in to some mega raving moments at the end! BABYSHAKER is up next with cleverly titled track "Simple' which when cranked high up there and blasted the complexity and mass melodies assaulting all your senses could cause brain hemerage!

S.I.M.ON KOR FUNKLE from Belgium strikes again, with this incredible destruction track of kicks and sonic terror one of my favourite tracks to date! RAXYOR takes the stage again with some incredible ass fucking, and anal destruction, and is smashes itself through another pounding long gabber effort turned speedcore! From Austria, J. WEISSBROT lays upon us the holy bible of what could be written about the gabber scene! Benefit of the Boomerang, now AKA KAIZOKU, places down a neatly and melodical number which will take your soul ona journey from up and down!


The Rancor Monster himself Jeffrey aka RAXYOR hatched a little EP from thie midst of 2007 somewhere, packed full of whirl winds and heavy breaks, with clearly a nostalgic offering of deep sound barrier breaking tracks.

The first one is like re entering the surface of the earth, sampling transformers, into a hard drum and bass breakbeat almost breakcore existance! Rave stabs and soft melodies and effects for all the senses! 'Kaeliedaszope' breaks in right off the first tip and smashes you to bits with some re sampled prodigy rave battle, with some searing, filtered reeces ready for battle.

Third up at the plate is a mega number from this juggernaught or ambient ethnic vocals and dooom, something straight outta indian jones, and someones about to loose thier soul! Breakbeats and splatter cutups for anyone desiring some breakcore carnage at its finest! 'Chahallalaloui' slows in very ambient, taking a break from the dilligant dose of doom and dirty basslines. Sampling Pitchblack, church choirs and alien whooshes to lighten the mood before some dirty 808 terror kicks in!!

The final effort from RAXYOR is called 'Red China' which rolls in like distant wind blowing through your mind, smashing thunder and brilliant melodies taunt and tease you into a far away land, juggling rattles and jingle breaks bring a magical world to life!


Blasting your speakers with some pure ACTION going on here straight from all over the hood, Brooklyn, Manhatten and Queens! Local hero's are put on the spot for a collaborative compilation to explore the hard fucking sounds from these producers, as well as amazing producers spread thin around the world from Montreal, Bruxelles, Oslo + more

Flown all the way from scotland to start it off, we have BABYSHAKER, a legend in the UK and around Scotland, this mastermind of musical interpretation came to destroy NEW YORK for us all in a excursion through the east coast and canada! RAXYOR mastermind of the entire operation giving it to your short and sweet with some of the ahrdest style shit ever to come from this producer. Screeching in third LAF-O the most amazing remixed smash of sheer destruction, this smashing artist, painter, musican has been around banging on doors and causing hell! This next hell rasier DIGIT216 straight from queens centraal from new AMSTERDAM devistating the demons here in the city!


The first seed, so to speak.. the beginning! Rancorous Records was born when these amazing talented friends went off touring canada and usa for a few monthes, many friends were met, and many rigs were bashed from the likes of these mongoloids!

Starting off the disc is a great talent from Belgium, S.I.M.ON KOR FUNKLE rips through with noize and chopped kicks from the start! Destroying some sampled movies and other horrible sounds! Mixing in with a choon from RAXYOR of USA, with deep throaty chanting and speedbreaks, sliced and thriced for audio orgasm! Next straight outta Canada, LAFO packs quite a punch in the face with the attention to details and mashup madness! Next slashes through with one of the first audio tracks from this mad talent of Toronto, crazy producer NWODTLEM imagine taking a nuclear meltdown backwards, and mix in some video carnage to blow your senses to full extreme!

Next S.I.M.ON KOR FUNKLE is back again with another hard hitting track, destroying the bass bins, and high end frequencies with kicks and automatic weapon core! Next from Canada, THE FIRST SEED gives us a breakbeat effort of noizy elements and rhythmic vibes! EYESOAR from NEW YORK smashes in with some hip hop influenced breakbeat core, one of extrmeley un predictability! The third smasher from S.I.M.ON KOR FUNKLE, sampling and anal rapping some bitch techno voices until his neighboors complained about the smell!